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(In 200 Words, we highlight a new record we like a lot, via a 200-word review by one of us (Marc Masters or Grayson Currin) and 200 words (or so) from the artist about whatever they choose.)


SOPHIE COOPER – Our Aquarius CD (Wild Silence)

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"For Alison"

Sophie Cooper is a West Yorkshire based musician influenced by psychedelic pop, weird noise and drone, whose main interest is in experimenting with conventional song writing. Cooper’s music is written to reflect her life and more often than not is inspired by the people around her. The songs have a dreamlike quality, with sounds and vocals drifting in and out of clarity. Cooper has been making music since her early teens and has been in a string of acts including Cooper Jones and Leopard Leg. This past year has seen her release two albums on the Exotic Pylon and Tor Press labels.

“a wonderful British musician who plays lightly deranged guitar and/or keys while singing like she sees bats everywhere” - Bryon Coley, The Wire

Sophie Cooper est une musicienne anglaise (chanteuse et multi-instrumentiste : guitare, trombone, melodica, shruti box, boucles et pédales d’effets…) originaire de Stoke-On-Trent, résidant désormais dans le West Yorshire (Todmorden), et active depuis plus d’une dizaine d’année sur la scène underground britanique.
Sa musique fait cohabiter astucieusement influences expérimentales (pop psychédélique, noise et musique drone) au sein de chansons à l’allure de classiques folk et pop.
Ses chansons aux qualités poétiques inspirées de son entourage proche, reflètent l’esprit d’artistes comme Reiko Kudo, Yo La Tengo, Arthur Russell, Spiritualized ou Alastair Galbraith.
Cooper fait de la musique depuis une quinzaine d’année et a sorti quelques albums solo ou en duo (Kelly Jones, Ben Nash) au format K7 ou CDr à édition ultra limités (Tor Press, Blackest Rainbow, Exotic Pylon). L’an dernier, elle a sorti un split K7 avec Ignatz sur le label Tor Press. Elle a partagé la scène avec des grands noms de la musique expérimentale de ces dernières années : Jack Rose, Okkyung Lee, Bridget Hayden, Josephine Foster, Chris Corsano, Phil Minton, Sunn O))) - pour n’en citer que quelques uns.

Delphine Dora : Lunar Effects (for piano & voice) Late-night improvisation (19 min) for piano & voice, made under full moon influence. Recorded the 10th august 2014.

/// The first minute of the improv can recall someone’s song without the lyrics (invented in my case). It was not intentional to do a cover of this song, I have just started my improv with this kind of melody. someone who’ll find who it is can have my gratitude and can have a free CD of mine…let’s try to guess? (

Delphine Dora : Live @ Cafe OTO 15 min extract of solo performance for grand piano and voice @Cafe OTO (24th July 2014).

This Evening included also shows with Sophie Cooper (guitar, voice) and Aine O’Dwyer (harp, voice).

Recorded by Frank Janiurek on iphone

Patience (After Sebald)
An exploration of the work and influence of internationally acclaimed writer W.G. Sebald, author of “The Emigrants,” “Austerlitz” and “The Rings of Saturn.” Directed by Grant Gee.


This to me is the most interesting thing I’ve ever posted. I could stare at these for hours.

Two meticulous maps showing the names and locations of every brothel, bar, casino and saloon that existed in the Cheyenne and Levee Districts of Chicago between 1870 and 1905.

Completed by Levee historian Bryan Lloyd.

Click to enlarge.

(Source: calumet412, via dyingforbadmusic)