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Patience (After Sebald)
An exploration of the work and influence of internationally acclaimed writer W.G. Sebald, author of “The Emigrants,” “Austerlitz” and “The Rings of Saturn.” Directed by Grant Gee.


This to me is the most interesting thing I’ve ever posted. I could stare at these for hours.

Two meticulous maps showing the names and locations of every brothel, bar, casino and saloon that existed in the Cheyenne and Levee Districts of Chicago between 1870 and 1905.

Completed by Levee historian Bryan Lloyd.

Click to enlarge.

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Tony Conrad / C. Spencer Yeh / Michael F. Duch
Excerpt from the “Musculus Trapezius” CD, which is a live recording from the Sofienberg Church in Oslo, march 2008. Mastered by Jim O’Rourke. Digipak cover. Available from


Alejandro Guijarro - Momentum (2010-12)

“The artist travelled to the great quantum mechanics institutions of the world and, using a large-format camera, he photographed the blackboards as he found them. Momentum displayed the photographs in life-size. 

Before he walked into a lecture hall Guijarro had no idea what he might find. He began by recording the blackboard with the minimum of interference. No detail of the lecture hall was included, the blackboard frame was removed and we are left with a surface charged with abstract equations. Effectively these are documents. Yet once removed from their institutional beginnings the meaning evolves. The viewer begins to appreciate the equations for their line and form. Color comes into play and the waves created by the blackboard eraser suggest a vast landscape or galactic setting. The formulas appear to illustrate the worlds of Quantum Mechanics. What began as a precise lecture, a description of the physicist’s thought process, is transformed into a canvas open to any number of possibilities.”

1. Cambridge (2011)

2. Stanford (2012)

3. Berkeley I (2012)

4. Berkeley II (2012)

5. Oxford (2011)

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